Organic Grain and Seed


Authorisation Certificate

Pecus International A/S is certified by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, The Danish Agrifish Agency, as distributor of organic products imported from countries outside the EU. We are certified to import and sell organic products as wheat, oat, rye, barley, buckwheat, rape, flax, lupin, einkorn and peas. Our authorization number is 1105863 and can be found by clicking on the certificate to the right.

Pecus International A/S is also registered by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark to import organic products for feed and consumption.

Organic Grain, Seed and Protein Crop

Pecus International A/S offers organic products to European countries, certified under the European regulations of organic products (EU 834/2007, 889/2008) and cooperate with producers from countries around the world with fertile lands and abundant resources for optimal production of organic products.

We cooperate exclusively with suppliers which are subject to inspection bodies that have been approved by the European Commission to be the inspection body of producers of organic products. These inspection bodies are checking and approving the producers and their crops carefully - including the whole process from field’s preparation through seeding, harvesting, storage and loading and is confirming the fulfillment in accordance with the standards for organic production.

We offer the following fine organic products for feed as well as consumption:

- Wheat
- Rye
- Oats
- Barley
- Rape
- Flax
- Lupin
- Einkorn
- Peas

For more information please contact us +45 75 50 45 00.

Authorisation Certificate