Pecus International A/S is a Danish company, specialized in moving products from producer to user

Cattle Danish Dairy Cattle is world top class in terms of performance. Pecus International is your obvious choice as your business partner for the Danish cattle to be supplied worldwide. Besides selling top genetics, we offer our international clients outstanding service according to their needs. Our service goes beyond the supply of the animals as it also includes tailor-made management programs and supervision securing our clients' expected results.

Mink The Danish climate is cool in summer, mild in winter, the most suitable conditions for fur animal breeding. Denmark is the world's largest producer of mink skins with an annual production of around 17 million mink skins. Pecus International can provide you with mink varieties like brown, pearl, silver blue, white and palomino.

Broiler Hatching Eggs Pecus International offers supply of broiler hatching eggs from European countries. Breeds of ROSS308 and COBB 500, delivery of other breeds on demand is possible. We offer transportation to the buyer's farm and transport accident insurance, customs clearance and payment of current customs duties and fees. If necessary, consultations of experts on incubation and cultivation.

Organic Grain and Seed Pecus International A/S is certified by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, The Danish Agrifish Agency, as distributor of organic grain and seed products imported from countries all over the world. Pecus International A/S is certified to import and sell organic grain and seed as wheat, oat, rye, barley, buckwheat, rape, flax, lupin, einkorn and peas.