Broiler Hatching Eggs



Pecus International A/S offers supply of broiler hatching eggs from European countries.

We offer:

  • Breeds of ROSS 308 and COBB 500, delivery of other breeds on demand is possible.
  • Transportation to the buyer's farm
  • Transport accident insurance
  • Customs clearance and payment of current customs duties and fees
  • If necessary, consultations of experts on incubation and cultivation.

Delivery for long distances, for up to 6500 km from farms that have been approved by the veterinarian service.

Breeds of ROSS 308

Ross 308 is very popular today, as it fully meets the needs of customers of poultry farms that require products with only first-class performance indicators, capable of adapting to the changing mood of the end user.

The parent population of ROSS 308 gives a high number of eggs with high hatchability, which reduces the costs of chickens in an industrial setting, where broiler performance is prefered. ROSS 308 is popular all over the world and is known as a broiler cross, demonstrating the stability of productive indicators in production conditions.

Breeds of COBB 500

One of the most productive broilers in the world, has the lowest feed conversion, the best growth rate and the ability to develop well on cheaper, low density foods. The breeding company COBB is aimed at genetic progress, allowing constantly to increase productivity at all levels of production of broilers and breeding birds.

The popularity of this class is due to the presence of considerable experience in the technology of cross-country maintenance in a wide variety of situations, for example, in poultry houses in cold and hot climatic conditions, controlled by microclimate, open poultry houses.


  • Egg weight: 50-75 grams
  • Supply size: 180,000 - 290,000 pcs.
  • Culling rate: 1-2%

More than 80%
(under the conditions of incubation)

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